Hillsborough: 813-330-0100
Pinellas: 727-371-1133

Our Services

All packages can be customized to add or subtract services based on your specific needs.

  • General damage evaluation
  • Roof evaluation
  • Siding and fencing
  • Screens, windows and doors
  • Landscape health check
  • Garage door operations
  • Irrigation operations check
  • Check electrical panel for tripped breakers
  • General damage evaluation
  • Water damage and intrusion
  • Mold/Mildew check
  • Appliances (per request)
  • Window and door testing
  • Security check
  • General electric operations (lights and wall switches)
  • Water plants (on request)
  • Check for tripped GFI outlets
  • Pool equipment operations check
  • Pool water evaluation
  • Services check
  • General damage evaluation
  • Dock operations check
  • Boat lift operations check
  • General damage evaluation
  • Check water service is off upon arrival
  • Turn on water for testing of fixtures and appliances.
  • Turn off water when leaving
  • Flush and brush toilets
  • Water heater evaluation
    (check breaker is off )
  • Leak check
  • General evaluation
  • Testing of system. We will run the system on heating or cooling to give the home proper air exchanges
  • Check humidity levels
  • Change air filters (when needed)

When you are away security is key to your peace of mind. Our trained professionals will be checking for signs of intrusion into the home from the less savory lots out there. If something is found we will be reporting it to you immediately and follow our security protocol from there.

Concierge Services

  • Vehicle services - Start up, light driving for tire rotation to prevent balding or warping for cars and golf carts
  • Boat services - Stat up upon request, system and safety check by Coast Guard Licensed Captain
  • Storm prep and checks
  • Mail/Newspaper collection

Move In/Out services 

  1. When you leave we will do an initial home check
  2. When you are coming back we will have the house cleaned for your arrival
  3. Grocery services are also available. When you are coming home, simply order your groceries for pick up at store, we will pick them up and put them away for you at the house.